1. Applicability
    The law firm Vanickova Law Practice was established to practice Dutch law, primarily in the area of corporate law and international trade law. Communication is possible in the Dutch, Russian, English, Czech, Slovak and German languages.
  2. Fees and disbursements
    Costs for professional legal services are determined at an hourly rate, currently € 200,00/hour. In addition VAT costs of 21% will be charged to Dutch domiciled clients. An administrative fee of 5% of hourly fees will be charged for the costs of administration and communications. Other costs e.g. travel expenses, court costs, bailiff fees, costs of obtaining excerpts and printing of documents will be to the account of the Client.
  3. Subsidized Legal Aid
    The law firm Vanickova Law Practice controls first of the client is eligible for the state-financed legal aid.
  4. Payment terms
    An advance payment is required to initiate work. The advance payment will be deducted from the final invoice. Invoices and specifications of work done will be provided monthly and payment is due 14 days from invoice date. Interest will be charged at statutory rates on unpaid accounts as of the 15th day of the invoice date without further notice. Interim billings will be submitted when the initial advance payment is exceeded. Accounts unpaid 30 days from invoice date will result in the suspension of work and files being sealed until matters are rectified. Vanickova Law Practice will not be liable for damages which may occur as a result of this suspension of activities.
  5. Agreement
    Work will commence on the receipt of the advance payment and a signed copy of the General Conditions of Vanickova Law Practice and written instructions from Client.
  6. Complaint procedure
    Vanickova Law Practice has a complaint procedure, the information will be sent at the first request.
  7. Professional liability
    Liability will be limited to the amount covered by professional practice insurance according to the rules of the Dutch Bar Association. Vanickova Law Practice will not be liable for the actions of third parties.
  8. Applicable law / jurisdiction
    Dutch law will govern the relationship between Client and Vanickova Law Practice.